Quick Dressing Gel has been specially conceived to ease and facilitate all neoprene garments dressing shortly before your dive. Quick Dressing Gel is ready-to-use and its particular composition develops a temporary water-soluble film which, by adhering to the skin, creates a lubricating layer and allows the wetsuit or the neoprene garment to slip easily on your body.

The film composition is totally water-soluble therefore the residues can be easily removed by simply having a shower with water (even with seawater). It respects the skin balance while leaving it soft and perfumed for many hours after the undressing.

Instructions For Use:
1. Shake well and pour inside the garment before putting it on, paying attention to have correctly closed all exits (ankles, neck, cap, wrists);
2. Then proceed with wetsuit or drysuit dressing.

Product: Dressing Gel     Product Code: QG0250     Contents: 250ml
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