The middle member of the Metalsub family of handhelds has been given a new look, and now comes with a Contact Wireless Charger for even easier charging.

Of course this is also a true Metalsub in every way: made from the best kind of aluminium, with a hard anodising layer that meets the strictest American military requirements and a pressure relief valve to drain any excess battery gas.

The front glass is made of hardened glass and the reflector is designed in such a way that a nice even spot beam comes out.

Like all Metalsub lamps, this lamp is dimmable between 10 and 100% and has the capability to emit an SOS light signal. This lamp is equipped with a NiMh battery, so it is rechargeable. On a full charge, it stays lit for 110 minutes and offers up to 1000 minutes of light!

Rechargeable with a Charge Cradle.
10 degree spot reflector.
This lamp is usable up to 100 metres depth (and tested up to 150 metres).
Comes in a beautiful luxury semi-hard case.

Due to its compact size this is an ideal back-up lamp for example for cave divers, who would like to have an extra lamp that can take a beating. But due to its large light output, this is of course also a perfect primary dive light.

The XRE860R weighs only 260 grams and is therefore an excellent travel companion for those long journeys where you have to pay attention to the valuable baggage kilos!

Features & Specifications

Standard Light Power: 8 Watt LED / 850 Lumens
Battery Cells: NMC 3,7 V-3,5 Ah
Reflector beam: 10 (Spot)

Capacity at 100% Power (temperature 20C): Approx. 110 minutes
Capacity at 10% Power (temperature 20C): Approx. 1000 minutes
Variable light power: (10-30-60-100%), flash signal and S.O.S.

Material: Aluminium, Anodised*, Teflon Coated
Hyperbaric Pressure Test: 10 bar

Weight above water: approx. 240 gram
Weight under water: approx. 100 gram
Size: 45 x 160 mm length
Maximum operating depth: 100 metres

Electronic thermal 60C
Overpressure valve for any battery gas leakage

Electronic Circuit:
Variable light power 25-50-75-100%
Deep discharge protection
Battery capacity indication
Flash signal one short flash per second
S.O.S. - signal 3 x short, 3x long, 3x short flashes

Supplied with Charge Cradle
External charging with contact rings
Automatic switch to pulse charging
Standard supplied with USB charging cable
Charge time 4 hours

All information and data are subject to change without notice.

* Anodized in accordance with American Military Standard MIL-A-8625-E type 3 class 2 and the coating is impregnated with Teflon.
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