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Metalsub XRE1500 Rechargeable Torch with MP1200 Wireless Contact Charger,
with upgraded power and removable battery pack for travelling.

Hand lights Metalsub designed as carefully and as sturdily built as the cable lamps and are possibly even easier to use.

This is especially true for the XRE1500. Of course, you can use fine this torch during your dive in all conditions. With 1500 lumens, 120 minutes burn time and functions like dimming, warning signals and hours of fading light, this is a real torch. But because of its weight and size it is ideal to take along on a trip, only 500 grams! In short, a versatile lamp for many years of diving enjoyment.

The XRE1500 is even more powerful than it’s predecessor and with a burn time of 2 hours, it burns 30 minutes longer than the XRE1200.

What’s New?
NEW Removable Battery Pack
NEW Upgraded power and burn time

Travel Friendly Removable Battery Pack
The XRE1500 is the travel friendly update of the classic XRE1200 hand held. While keeping all advanced features of the older model, the XRE1500 is equipped with a removable battery pack. Which makes the new XRE1500 very suitable for air travel.

The front glass is made of hardened glass.
Dimmable light between 10 and 100%.
S.O.S light signal.
NMC battery with very low self-discharge.
LED indicator for remaining burn time.
Equipped with wireless charging station and car adapter.


  • Material: Anodised Aluminium*, Teflon**

  • Weight above water: Approx. 500 gram.
  • Weight under water: Approx. 240 gram.

  • Size: 49 x 220 mm (D x L)

  • Maximum Operational Depth: 100 metres

  • Standard Lamp Power: 15 Watt LED - 1500 Lumens

  • Capacity at 100% power: Approx. 120 minutes
  • Capacity at 25% power: Approx. 360 minutes

  • Battery: NMC 7,4V - 5Ah

  • Electronic circuit:
    - Variable light power: On/Off, 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%.
    - Deep discharging protection
    - Battery capacity indication
    - Flash signal - one short flash per second
    - S.O.S. signal - 3x short, 3x long, 3x short flashes

  • Charger:
    - MP1200 (standard)
    - External charging by contact rings
    - Automatic switch to pulse charging
    - Standard supplied with Car Adapter
    - Charge time 4 hours

  • Hyperbaric pressure test: 15 bar.

    * In accordance with American Military Standard MIL-A-8625-E type 3 class 2.
    ** Also the coating is impregnated with Teflon.

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