Installation Instructions:

1. Wash both the Mask/Sunglass/Eyeglass and the Push-On lens with a weak solution of lotion free liquid dish detergent to remove grease and soil. Rinse thoroughly.
2. For best results, place the Mask/Sunglass/Eyeglass under a stream of running warm water or submerged in a bowl of warm water, wipe away any air bubbles clinging to either surface of the lens.
3. Position the Push-On lens with the SMOOTH side toward the inside surface of the Mask/Sunglass/Eyeglass. Remove the Mask/Sunglass/Eyeglass from the water, holding the Push-On lens in place. Adjustments can be made by sliding the Push-On lens.
4. Press with your thumb to remove any air bubbles.
5. Pat dry.
6. Handle gently for 24 hours after applying.

Faint grey patches that may develop are temporary and usually disappear as drying is complete.
Alcohol is NOT recommended for repeated application of the lenses.

Cleaning Instructions:

Important: Do not remove the Push-On Lenses from the Mask, Sunglass or Eyeglass lens for cleaning.

1. Rinse Mask/Sunglass/Eyeglass lenses under a gentle stream of warm running water. If contaminants remain after rinsing, use a soft brush to clean the grooves.
2. Pat or blot dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.
3. Follow any special cleaning procedures as instructed by your eye care specialist.

For proper care of your SeeDive™ Push-On Lenses™, use the above procedure often.
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