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Sola Nightsea Mask Filter

This mask filter is the other half of the Nightsea experience- it's what makes the magic complete! You can't fluoro-dive without it.

Sola Nightsea Camera Filter

This filter allows your camera to see the fluorescence that the Sola Nightsea excites.

Sola Nightsea Phosphor Filter

Buy a spare phosphor filter for your Sola Nightsea light. This Filter changes your Sola Nightsea into a regular diving light.

Sola Nightsea GoPro Flip3 Camera Filter

Use the Nightsea Flip3 Camera Filter with your GoPro camera to record Fluoro-diving footage!

  • Easy to use flip mechanism for one finger on / off control.
  • Simple installation with rugged clamp-on design.
  • Unobstructed view of front LCD display.
  • Easy front camera button access with thick gloves.
  • Open the camera housing without removing filter.
  • No vignetting in any underwater shooting mode.

    This Flip3 Camera Filter is only compatible with the GoPro Hero3 housing.

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