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Ocean Reef ARIA Accessory Holder
with Camera Support

Support designed to mount your action camera on top of your mask. This accessory comes with a GoPro and other sport camera compatible fitting to mount cameras on your Aria snorkel. You can decide whether to use the adapter or just attach your camera’s sticker to the flat part of the accessory holder.

The accessory holder snaps on the snorkel and then slides into place with a loud click (it clicks on the logo on your snorkel). This prevents the holder to slide back and forth.

The holder is designed to be taken off and handled, with the camera, to let you enjoy the freedom of actually deciding where to aim your filming. Practice this where you know you will not lose your camera. It is a good idea to have a float on the camera as well.

Also, the camera’s fitting is well over the masks frame to give you certainty of an effectively submerged camera – and awesome pictures!

You can fit various sizes of chemical lights on the accessory holder, for a sunset snorkel session or just some funky look. Dispose responsibly of the chemical lights and beware of maritime traffic if you go out snorkelling.

Marker wings are the perfect addition to this accessory to customize colours for better recognition when the head of the snorkeller is in the water, but also for other chemical lights mounting – and extra comfort in using the holder as a selfie stick!

Also compatible with SEA VU DRY, UNO, Sport, JR and QR+ snorkelling full face mask.

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