The Zutto Jr. is a brand new design that is ideal for junior’s ages 6-12. Equipped with 3 different size nose bridges and View’s E-Z silicone strap, the V-720J is easy to adjust and fit. Additionally, the Zutto Jr. is treated with an anti-bacterial coating to resist unwanted bacteria from pool decks or changing rooms. Complete with thick silicone eye seals the V-720J is perfect for those kids who love to swim.

• Junior size
• Super anti-fog treatment
• UV Cut protection
• Soft cushion T.P.E. seal for superior comfort
• 3 Interchangeable nosepieces

For Boys: Black (BK), Blue (BL)
For Girls: Pink (P), Pearl Blue (PBL)

Materials Used:
• Lens, Buckle & Strap adjuster: Polycarbonate
• Face Pad, Strap & Nose Belt: Elastomer

For Boys
A red one-point logo design that expresses boys' likeness and spirit in a simple and cool way.

For Girls
Sparkling lame on buckle, adopting logogram for logo. Cute design of detail.
Silicone Seal
VIEW’s premium grade silicone resists stretching and fatigue from prolonged use in chlorine, reducing leakage and replacement.
Super Anti-Fog
VIEW's Super Anti-Fog treatment provides long-lasting protection against fogging caused by perspiration and heat. Wetting the inside of the lenses before use creates a film of water that ensures a clear field of view and allows the treatment to work effectively.
VIEW's UV Cut technology provides superior protection from harmful ultraviolet (U.V.) rays. Increasing exposure to U.V. rays which damage the skin and eyes has become a serious problem. U.V. protection provides greater eye protection during outdoor use.
Silicone Strap
VIEW’s premium grade Silicone Strap resists stretching and fatigue from prolonged use in chlorine.

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