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 GoBe S 500 Spot

The ultimate waterproof flashlight. Conscientiously designed to go anywhere you want to be. Featuring a 20° beam optimized to eliminate hot spots and provide an excellent balance of beam distance and viewing angle for a variety of uses.

* Available with a Blue light head and GoBe S handle or in a Berry coloured handle and light head.

• 20 degree spot beam is perfect for a general use beam as a standard flashlight, bike light, or dive light.
• 500 lumen output certified to the FL-1 Standard.
• Innovative design allows light heads to be interchanged for ultimate flexibility.
• Waterproof to 120 metres.
• Engineered with the highest level CREE LEDs and optimized firmware.
• Custom engineered reflector optimizes the light to provide the most efficient and effective distribution for all your outdoor needs.

What's In The Box: GoBe S Handle & 500 Spot Light Head, GoBe Charge Cable, Lanyard.


High - 500
Med - 225
Low - 70
Run Time (Hrs):
High - 1.5
Med - 3
Low - 12
Beam Angle: 20°
Charge Time: 4.5 hrs
Size: 4.9" x 1.9" x 1.9"
Weight: 172 gr.


GoBe lights have 3 standard power levels and an auxiliary mode with SOS
& Extended run time settings.

LED Indicator: One indicator light
behind the power button clearly displays battery status during use.

High:   1.5 hrs   500 Lumens
Med:   3.0 hrs   225 Lumens
Low:   12.0 hrs   70 Lumens
 Handle & Charger

Charge it anywhere with the USB rechargeable system that slides into
the external charge port.

Charge Times:
Depending on the Amperage of the USB Adapter, charge times will vary:

The LED indicator displays charge status: 100% - Solid Green,
50-99% - Flashing Green,
25-50% - Flashing Yellow,
0-25% - Flashing Red.


Compatible With All Current Mounting Options:

● Bar Mount
● Photo Ball
● Video Locline
● YS Mount


Never before has the world seen a flashlight like the GoBe, a versatile and powerful system that provides the perfect light for any activity. GoBe’s robust factory sealed design is waterproof to 120 metres, works on land and can be mounted to just about anything


  • The GoBe Platform is compatible with 6 different light heads and a wide range of accessories.
  • Compact design is travel ready and weighs only 160 gr.
  • USB rechargeable li-ion battery with an accurate battery status indicator, 5 power modes, and run-times up to 54 hrs.
  • Specifications tested and certified to the Fl-1 Standard.


    Our lights all have a "brain" with thousands of lines of code and have been thoughtfully designed to provide the best user experience.

  • High / Med / Low / Extended / SOS
  • Battery Status Indicator
  • Integrated thermal management.
  • Li-ion Power 3.0Ah / 2.2Ah


    GoBe provides a factory sealed system that has an external system so you never have to open the light and change batteries. Simply slide on the USB cable and plug it into any USB port.

    Li-ion rechargeable via direct external port to USB is convenient and hassle-free.

    *Rapid charge with 2 amp USB adapter.


    Conscientiously designed to provide a lighting system that will go anywhere you go just grab a GoBe handle and pair it with the perfect light-head for your needs. With six heads, each delivering a particular beam pattern you can build out the ultimate GoBe lighting system.

    The GoBe handles feature a high capacity Li-ion battery that is externally charged by USB and managed with sophisticated firmware.


    "GoBe is the culmination of 24 years of design expertise in underwater and bicycle light engineering” says Daniel Emerson, CEO of Light & Motion, “GoBe's factory sealed, external charging design goes anywhere you can go”.

    By circulating air and water through ventilation ports behind the light head and through the body, the GoBe is able to provide efficient thermal management underwater and on land.

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