Cetacea (Si-tay-sha)

1. The order of fishlike marine mammals such as dolphins, porpoises and whales. From latin Cetus and Greek Ketos.
2. The company that manufacturers superior diving accessories for discerning divers.

CETACEA has been making high quality accessories for SCUBA divers since 1988. We are the clear leader in bringing to the SCUBA market, Gauge Retractors, Octopus Holders, Coiled Light Lanyards, Gear Clips and many other accessories that are now staples for the well equipped aquanaut.

CETACEA Accessories improve the performance and function of just about every piece of diving equipment in existence.

Look for the CETACEA Label: Divers ask for our product by name because of our attention to detail and unwavering quality. Our lifetime guarantee shows how confident we are in the products that we offer our customers. Our selection shows our eagerness to respond to our customer needs.

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